Working in schools

I have worked in schools at primary and secondary level for several years and currently lead the counselling service at a school in North London. Counselling is growing in schools with the recognition that the emotional welfare of children goes hand in hand with good academic performance. It helps as a useful bridge between school and home, helping parents cope at stressful times. Early support allows children’s difficulties to be addressed before they grow unmanageable. Teachers can be helped to understand their students and develop effective strategies to help them succeed. In this way young people feel heard and contained.

I offer a consultancy service to schools – this might be to help with setting up a counselling service or seeking support for particular students.

I deliver talks on a range of subjects for staff and parents such as resilience, screen time and discipline strategies.

I also facilitate work discussion groups for teachers, TA’s and SLT’s. This is a reflective practice that develops insight about difficulties that arise within the work context and are an effective way of addressing difficulties that develop amongst staff and students in schools.


I can deliver talks and workshops to teachers and parents at your school on a range of subjects such as:
Growing Resilience
Strategies to help children with Anxiety
The Value of Play
Child Development
Adverse Childhood Experiences
Creating a Learning and Happy Classroom